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Every day Simple AV is completing a TV installation in Austin Texas. When you consider this with years of experience, we like to think we have done it all. Most installs are straight forward and even if it is simple, all of our TV installations are well planned and professionally executed. We have worked with contractors to add support for Plasma TV's that weighed upwards of 300 lbs, designed motorized hide-away TV's for kitchens and bedrooms,  installed many mirror TV's in bathrooms as well as countless TV installations into masonry for Fireplaces and outdoor TV installation. If we haven't done it already, we have the staff and trade relationships to get it done, while exceeding your expectations.


There are plenty of TV Installation options for optimal viewing and aesthetic design. Whether your looking for a simple flat TV mount or a motorized mount that conceals your TV, Simple AV of Austin TX. has a solution for you. Scroll through the options below to see all the different type TV mounting services we offer and if you have your own idea we will be happy to assist you.

Flat Mount TV Install Austin

Flat Mount

A flat mount seems simple but there are many factors to consider. Flat TV mounts can make sure your TV is as close to the wall as possible. When you purchase the TV and bracket many times the hardware does not accommodate for the streamline installation your hoping for. Other installers may not have the experience or intuitiveness for the hidden pitfalls including high voltage electrical wires or water pipes behind the Sheetrock. Simple AV has the experience and knows the flush finish result you are looking for.

Tilt Mount TV Install Austin

Tilt Mount

Tilt mounts are perfect for Televisions that need to be mounted higher than eye level. This is usually in a bedroom or over a fireplace mantel. Tilt mounts also give you better access to HDMI ports and other connections that may be needed regularly if you use game consoles or other portable components.

Swivel Mount TV Install Austin

Swivel Mount

A swivel mount or full motion swing arm mount will not keep your TV close to the wall but it will enable you to change the viewing angle any time. This is helpful when rooms are adjacent to each other and a swivel mount TV installation can accommodate multiple seating areas. Swivel mounts are also useful in corners or concealing a TV inside a cabinet area.

Mantel Mount TV Install Austin


If you choose to mount your TV over your fireplace there are a few options and some need to be considered, like a tilt mount. Mantels are usually pretty high and you will want your expensive investment as far away from heat and smoke as possible. We are not saying you have a leaky fire place but any residual smoke as well as dust form the ashes will take a toll on any electronics over time. You may also decide on mount that extends and drops down for a better view like the one in this video.

Mirror TV Install Austin

Mirror TV

Many people get ready for the day watching the news, stock information or morning shows. Mirror TV Installations keep living spaces tidy while providing info and entertainment during your busy routine. When you turn the TV on it appearrs through the mirror and when off it is just a mirror. You will lose some image quality because the display is mounted behind a mirror. You should schedule an appointment to view a mirror TV before purchase. ​

Outdoor TV Installation Austin Texas


During the warmer months we know you want to spend as much time outside as possible. Having an outdoor TV installed gives you the flexibility of enjoying the outdoors while not missing any live television events and also adds to outdoor entertainment. Whether your outside barbecuing or just relaxing Simple AV Of Austin is extremely knowledgeable in outdoor technology experiences. It is not recommended and dangerous to use an indoor TV outdoors due to electric shock hazards. Always consult with a professional when considering any electronics outside. Learn more about an Austin outdoor TV Installation here.

Motorized TV Lift Installation Austin Texas

Motorized TV Lift From Floor

Having an under the floor motorized TV lift is one of the sleekest options for a TV installation. When done by one of the experienced dealers on this site you can be confident no one would ever know where the TV will emerge from. Whether its a wood or carpeted floor Simple AV has the trade the relationships with electricians and contractors to make sure the entire project goes smooth, the finish is seamless and operation is smooth for years to come. ​

Under Bed TV Installation Austin Texas

Under Bed Motorized TV Lift

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should be one of the most well planned-out areas in your home. Most of our clients enjoy watching TV before bed or on those cold weekend mornings but are reluctant because of obtrusive technology cluttering their bedroom. Motorized under bed TV lift installation eliminate the clutter and are extremely reliable with the technologies available today. You will need room for the TV to extract and retract from under the bed and Simple AV will help you plan this installation.

End Bed TV Installation Austin Texas

End Of Bed TV Lift

Similar to the under the bed TV lift, the Motorized end of bed TV lifts eliminate the clutter and are extremely reliable with the technologies available today. You will not need as much room as if you were installing an under bed TV lift but you will need a enough room at the end of the bed for the attractive TV storage unit. There are plenty of pre-built solutions and custom cabinets are available as well.

Motorized Drop Down TV Installation Austin Texas

Motorized Drop Down TV

Motorized drop down ceiling TV installations eliminate the clutter and are extremely reliable with the technologies available today. You will need an attic or crawl space to house the TV when it is in the "up" position.

TV With Soundbar Installation Austin Texas

TV With Soundbar Install

You need at the very least... a soundbar. After investing a good amount of money on a large flat panel display the only way to be fully immersed is with proper sound. TV manufacturers focus their budget on delivering high resolution VIDEO content and the 3" factory speaker is no match for the video content being watched. There are unlimited soundbar offerings and Simple AV of Austin can guide you on the best options for your budget, aesthetic design and performance needs.

Commercial Office TV Installation Austin Texas

Commercial Mount

Commercial TV and Digital Sign Installation for Austin TX. Whether you need a display mounted in your conference room, a TV in your waiting room or digital signage for your restaurant menu, Simple AV has the experience to help in your commercial video display installation.


  1. Electrical Outlet:  To streamline your TV installation you will need an outlet located directly behind the TV. You may also need the outlet to be recessed which allows your TV to be mounted closest to the wall. This will give the TV power plug enough clearance without pushing the TV away from the wall. Our experts will discuss this with you and advise the best option for your specific TV installation.

  2. Wire Concealment:  Nobody wants to see wires, especially a power cord running down the wall to a power outlet. There are wire-molds and raceways to hide wires that extrude off the wall but Simple AV will make sure all wires are concealed behind the sheet rock. We have trade relationships with reputable electricians if you do not have one already.

  3. Smart TV Connections: Having a smart TV means it will need a network connection. This is possible through WiFi but may cause bandwidth issues slowing down the entire network. Smart Televisions should be hardwired for Netflix, Hulu and all other streaming video services. Simple AV can install your TV and run a hard wire to your router. 

  4. TV Height:  A general rule of thumb is mounting the TV so the center of the television is 42" off the floor. The size of the TV and seating arrangements will determine the height of the TV. Simple AV of Austin can help you decide what the optimal height for you and your family is.

  5. TV Connection Access:  Depending on the TV mount option you choose, it can make it easier or more difficult to access connections on the back of the TV. Most of the time all connections will be made at the time of install, however some TV's are constantly being connected and disconnected to game consoles and other accessories. If this is your situation please let us know so we can discuss the best options for you.


What Size TV For Me

This is a great question and it is different for everyone! We have all been to the movies and see everyone pick their favorite seat, including those that wish the front row was closer. You can use the chart below to see the technical TV distance to seating  recommendations from THX or make your own decision.

TV Size
Minimum Distance
Maximum Distance
9 Feet
12.5 Feet
7.5 Feet
11 Feet
6.5 Feet
10 Feet
6 Feet
9.5 Feet
9 Feet
5.50 Feet
8.5 Feet
5 Feet
8 Feet
4.75 Feet
7.5 Fee
4.50 Feet
7 Feet
4.25 Feet
6.5 Feet
4 Feet
6 Feet
3.50 Feet
5.5 Feet
3.25 Feet
5 Feet
3 Feet
4.6 Feet
2.75 Feet
4.2 Feet
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