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Don't take chances when it comes to the safety and security of your property, Simple AV is Austin's licensed home security camera installation company. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right system and provide expert installation, giving you peace of mind. It is also extremely important to know "who" is installing your security system! We are licensed professionals with background checks in CCTV and surveillance camera systems, and have the experience to help you select the perfect solution for your home or business.


CCTV Cameras are an important part of any home security system, and they can provide invaluable protection for your family and property. But with so many different types and styles of cameras on the market like wired and wireless, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. That's where we come in, our team of trained experts can help you select the perfect CCTV camera for your needs and budget. We will also make sure it's installed properly so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and sound.


If you're looking for peace of mind, contact Simple AV today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about our security camera installation services.

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The idea of installing video surveillance or CCTV equipment in your home until a few years ago was extremely rare. This was due to the large investment and considerably bulky equipment. With advances in technology and considerable reductions in costs, not having any form is now considered odd these days! Video quality has greatly increased along with remote accessibility via your cell phone, tablet or even laptop, from anywhere in the world, making these systems even more popular. Lets look at some of the benefits and why you may consider installing security cameras in and around your Austin Tx home.

 Security Cameras Deter Criminals Like This


When it comes to protecting your home from criminals, security cameras should be #1 on your list. Studies have shown that their presence alone can deter crime, and that homes with security cameras are far less likely to be burglarized than those without.


Criminals know that they could be caught on camera and identified by police. They also know that homes with security cameras are more likely to have alarms and other security measures in place, making them harder targets.


If you're considering installing a security system in your home, be sure to include outdoor security cameras in your plans. By doing so, you'll not only deter criminals, but you'll also have evidence should a crime occur.


Security cameras are not only a great way to deter criminals, but they can also be invaluable tools for law enforcement. If a crime is committed and your security camera footage is able to help identify the culprit, it can make all the difference in bringing them to justice.


In addition, if your property is burglarized, having footage of the event will assist with your insurance claim and help law enforcement recover your belongings. Peace of mind is knowing that if something happens, your security camera will be there to help.



Having a home surveillance system is a great way to keep an eye out, not only on your property but on your family and pets as well. You can remotely monitor young ones while you are at work, or even when you are away on vacation. Some cameras offer two-way communication so you can talk to your loved ones and pets no matter where you are. Plus, our motion-activated alerts will let you know if something is happening when you're not around. Simple AV makes it easy to check in on everything!


If you have a home security camera system, your insurance company may offer you a discount. This is because high-definition footage from your devices can help document the scene of your home if a burglary or incident should occur. Having this footage available to your insurance company can help expedite the settlement process.



When it comes to surveillance systems, there are a lot of details and specifications that make them worth having. Obviously, having them installed out of reach and sometimes out of sight is key. There are also many different camera styles to choose from, including the type lens, resolution, how it is powered and where it stores information, so you should really work with an expert.. By working with Simple AV of Austin, we can help you understand all the ins and outs and confident they are properly installed and positioned. We will make sure you capture the best footage you need if an incident does occur. It is very upsetting to invest in a camera, have an event occur, only to find out your cameras rendered nothing useful due to bad resolution or poor positioning.

Expert installation also allows you to take advantage of features that you may not have even known existed. For example, did you know that there are now security cameras that can send alerts directly to your phone if they detect movement in a specific area? Or that some cameras come with built-in storage so you don't have to worry about losing footage if your power goes out? Working with a our team gives you access to all the latest and greatest features that security cameras have to offer. 

Expert Security Camera Installer In Austin On Ladder

You found this page because you were searching for a licensed security camera installation company that will get it done right the first time. Feel free to call us or schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you achieve your home security goals-


When it comes to your business and the safety of your business it is no different from your home, however there are additional steps and each business is different, certain aspects must have even more detail . Here are some things to consider when we set up a CCTV or Video Camera System in your commercial space.

  1. Use 4k cameras: The differences between 1080p and 4K security cameras are clear. For example, the higher resolution provides up to four times as much detail in images that can be seen clearly from even farther away than with standard lower quality video feeds due both increased pixel count (8MP) plus wider field-of view for monitoring larger areas like an entire building or campus.

  2. Camera Location: Camera location and what you want to monitor will help us choose the correct camera. There are the obvious locations like the front door, exit doors, loading dock and warehouse but if there is a register on site you probably want a close up of that so you can see what is going in and out of it clearly. This is especially important in bars and clubs where lighting may be poor. This is the same for parking lots and back alleys. Simple AV has an experienced team that will help map out the most secure video system so that your business or staff is vulnerable. 

  3. Lighting: As mentioned, some businesses have poor lighting scenarios and we understand this but it is important that we address it correctly. We can add additional lighting or discuss better cameras for certain views that have ir lights built in or low light capabilities that will serve the safety and security of your business best. If a cheap camera is installed with poor lighting it will not yield the expected results and we will not have done our job as security experts. You and law enforcement will also be very disappointed in your investment because of the poor footage rendered. 

  4. Secure and hide signal wires: Installing a security camera system in your business is not just about knowing where the cameras will go and mounting them, wires must be hidden for not only aesthetic and safety reasons, but most importantly they need to remain unnoticed and completely secure so no one has easy access to cut them. even if you install ip cameras (wireless), they are still going to need a power wire and if those wires are cut or disrupted your cameras will cease to function.

  5. Data management: The surveillance system is more than just cameras, it's really about gathering information, storing it and providing access when you need to review or provide footage for police requests- all in order protect your business from break-ins! How many cameras will be installed, how high of a resolution will they be recording at, how long will you want to store the footage for? There is a lot to consider when really protecting your staff and business with security cameras and Simple AV has the experience to make sure it is done right.


There are four many types of security cameras: wired, wireless, bullet, dome, PTZ and a few other we touch on below. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to consult with us and know which one is best for your applications.


Wired security cameras are the most popular type. They're easy to install and don't require any special wiring or batteries. However, they can be difficult to hide and may not work well in areas with a lot of interference, such as near microwave ovens or cordless phones. 

Wireless Camera System Texas


Wireless security cameras are becoming more popular because they're much easier to install than wired cameras. They also offer more flexibility in terms of placement, since there's no need to run wires through your walls or ceilings. However, wireless cameras can be more expensive than wired cameras and still require an external power source.


Hidden security cameras are a great option if you want to keep your surveillance covert. They can be placed inside of smoke detectors, clocks, or other common household items. However, hidden cameras can be more difficult to install and may not offer the same quality as other types of cameras.

Dome Security Camera Video Surveillance


Dome cameras are named for their unique, circular shape. The camera itself is encased in a clear, protective dome that allows it to blend seamlessly into most surroundings. This makes them ideal for businesses who want to discreetly monitor areas like retail store isles and inventory, hotel lobbies and swimming pools, business centers, gyms, and parking garages. Because of their wide field of view, dome cameras are also great for general surveillance purposes.


Bullet cameras are security cameras that get their name from their design, as they resemble the shell of a bullet. These cameras are intended to be noticeable and act as a visual deterrent for potential thieves. Bullet cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, and their long-range capabilities make them ideal for monitoring areas that require a longer range of coverage. When used for security purposes, bullet cameras can help protect properties that are vulnerable to break-ins because .



PTZ cameras are a must for any business that needs to monitor an area with wide open views. With the ability of being able to swivel left-right, tilt up and down as well zoom in or out.  Simple AV will help you choose the correct PTZ camera  that will work best for your needs!

Now that you know a little more about security camera systems, we hope this page answered all your questions. If not, please feel free to contact us for more information. We'll be happy to help you choose the right system for your needs.

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Simple AV Provides Security Camera Planning, Installation and Service In: 

Travis County:

Austin, Texas
Bee Cave, Texas
Cedar Park, Texas
Creedmoor, Texas
Elgin, Texas
Jonestown, Texas
Lago Vista, Texas

Lakeway, Texas
Leander, Texas
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Mustang Ridge, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
Rollingwood, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Sunset Valley, Texas
West Lake Hills, Texas

Williamson County:

Bartlett, Texas
Cedar Park, Texas
Coupland, Texas
Florence, Texas
Georgetown, Texas
Granger, Texas
Hutto, Texas

Jarrell, Texas
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Liberty Hill, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
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Thorndale, Texas
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