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RadioRa 3 Austin Tx.

10 years of innovation comes together in RadioRA 3. With a revolutionary new system, Lutron promises this game-changing technology will transform the way you live and save you money! RadioRA 3 is a powerful and versatile lighting control system that will enhance your home with easy to understand controllers. Whether your comfortable using voice control, wall mounted keypads or a mobile app, Lutron keeps it simple. Think of it as an automated concierge for all sorts of devices in your house from lights to shades - it is more than a smart lighting system, it can wake you with your favorite playlists! Radio RA's intuitive interface allows one touch activation so no more hunting around trying figure out what button does what when they should be pre-programmed into your personal habits already. Simple AV is your Authorized Lutron Lighting Dealer of Austin Texas.


Want to know more about this intuitive system? Here are 4 of the top features and benefits of Lutron's latest smart home platform. We are always available to answer your specific questions as well.


Choose Your Style! If you're looking to streamline your interior design with beautiful accents, then RA 3 dimmers and switches are exactly what your looking for. They come in 24 different colors like stainless steel or signal red so there's something perfect for every room —not too mention the light bar design that looks great anywhere and gives a soft glow with night light functionality.


RadioRA 3 is the newest addition to your home security system. It can trigger lights when sensors and alarms go off, light a path to exits during a fire—even respond in case of break-in by turning on all lighting fixtures throughout property! Unlike many systems today which are poorly designed, only have limited control over interior lighting and extremely inconsistent system control.


Lutron dimmers and controls save energy 24-7. Every dimmer automatically saves 4-9% in electricity—even at the highest lighting levels—over a standard on-off switch. They’re the best way to reduce your electricity bill coupled with schedules and timers to choose when you want lights turned on or off, which means more money in your pocket every month!


Schedule lights inside and outside your home to come on at a specific time of day, even timing them around the rising or setting of the sun. You can also create the illusion you’re home while you’re away by activating Vacation Mode. Put the kitchen lights on and get your favorite playlist pumping your Sonos system to help you cook and then transition switch playlist for some great dinner ambiance.


You found this page because you were searching for a reliable lighting system for your home. Feel free to call us or schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you achieve your smart lighting goals-




Smart blinds from Lutron RadioRa 3 are an excellent way to improve your home's energy efficiency, save money on cooling bills during warmer months and create a more comfortable sleeping environment.


Our smart roller shades come in a wide range of fabrics that feature subtle textures and colors. Whether you want to add an elegant touch or keep things simple, we have the perfect choice for your home!