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 Multi-Room Audio I Surrround Sound Austin


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Immerse Yourself

Dolby Atmos 9.2.4 Surround Sound, Sounds scientific... and it is. From 5.1 Surround Sound to a Dolby Atmos 13.6.8 system we are Austin's Immersive Sound experts. Of course to enjoy these systems to the fullest we prefer a dedicated home theater to fully envelop you into your favorite content. Learn more about

surround sound here

Immerse Your Home

Everyone loves their favorite playlist and we bring it into every room of your home. Simple AV can help you with a single Sonos speaker in the bathroom or install in-ceiling, in-wall, invisible or Art speakers through out your home. No matter where you are the music and good vibes will always follow you! Learn more about

multi-room audio here

Here at Simple AV of Austin we understand Home Audio Systems are an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

Surround Sound Austin Texas


Simple AV can build worlds of sound around you, completely immersing you in a story. Check out the video to learn about Dolby Atmos Surround Sound.

Austin Texas Surround Sound Dealer

What Is Surround Sound:

 Surround Sound is an audio output which surrounds the audience. Surround sound systems use three or more speakers in front and behind the listener to create an envelope with 360 degrees of sound in your home theater. This is an immersive experience that enhances movie tracks, concerts, video gaming and other media that is encoded with surround sound digital formats.

What Is Atmos: 

A Dolby Atmos surround sound system places speakers above the audience. Atmos is more than just installing a few speakers in the ceiling.  An actual Atmos surround sound system allows sound engineers to manipulate distinct audio output frequencies and creates a 3D audio sound field. Individual sounds can be engineered to be heard anywhere in the room, from Jets flying overhead and far away to coming right at you in front of your nose.

Austin Texas Dolby Atmos Company
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Do I Need Surround Sound: 

Surround Sound is one principle in an immersive home theater experience. The purpose of surround sound, a big screen and a distraction free space is to help you focus only on the media content being played. This is very difficult to achieve in a standard living room or media room. Think about when you go to a movie theater and all these elements exist but then a baby in the audience starts to cry or someones cell phone rings. These distractions are disturbing because you were immersed in the content and the outside world dissipated.  No matter how many speakers, how large a screen or how much money you spend, you will never be fully immersed unless you eliminate all outside distractions.


Multi Room Audio Austin TX

Simple AV and Sonos can paint all of your rooms with amazing sound from your favorite playlist, all with one simple app. Keep scrolling down form more multi-room audio options.

Sonos Multi-Room Audio:

If you have not heard of Sonos you have not experienced the simplicity of great sound, anywhere. Simple AV of Austin Texas is your authorized Sonos dealer. Come into our showroom and experience the sound, check out the app and find out how Sonos with Alexa voice control will change the way you listen to music through out your home. Learn all about Sonos here.

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Savant Whole Home Audio: 


Savant’s networked IP Audio connects any source to any speaker and provides exceptional sound quality for even the most avid audiophile. Set the mood with the touch of a button using Savant scenes. Wake up to your favorite tunes. Party with the best playlists. Or relax at the end of the day.  Learn More about Savant Systems here

In Ceiling And In Wall Speakers:

The most popular whole house audio speakers are in the ceiling and in the wall. Companies like Origin Acoustics and Martin Logan manufacture not only true audio experiences but are designed to disappear into your interior design. We recommend an in wall or in ceiling subwoofer for larger rooms.

Sonos In-wall In-Ceiling Speakers Austin
Invisible Speakers Austin Texas.jpg

Invisible Speakers: 

Invisible speaker technology continues to advance and astound people. These speakers are cut into the sheet rock and painted over making them completely invisible but have excellent frequency range and separation. These are perfect for dining rooms and other rooms you do not want to interrupt the decor with traditional speakers.

Art Speakers: 

Artcoustic Loudspeakers have the ability to design custom speakers with your images or any photo to be silk screened on the grill. When you are unable to get a speaker wire in wall, in ceiling or can not cut into the sheet rock these are a beautiful solution.

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Simple AV Provides Home Audio Design. Installation and Service In: 

Travis County:

Austin, Texas
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Cedar Park, Texas
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Elgin, Texas
Jonestown, Texas
Lago Vista, Texas

Lakeway, Texas
Leander, Texas
Manor, Texas
Mustang Ridge, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
Rollingwood, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Sunset Valley, Texas
West Lake Hills, Texas

Williamson County:

Bartlett, Texas
Cedar Park, Texas
Coupland, Texas
Florence, Texas
Georgetown, Texas
Granger, Texas
Hutto, Texas

Jarrell, Texas
Leander, Texas
Liberty Hill, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Taylor, Texas
Thorndale, Texas
Thrall, Texas
Weir, Texas

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