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Simple AV is your licensed home security company in Austin. Our home's are our sanctuary, our families safe space and we are sure you feel the same. With advancements in home security devices and prices continually dropping, we are confident we have a solution you will love.  Especially when you can monitor every detail from your mobile phone. We have been providing you with convenience through mobile apps, controlling leading brands like Sonos, Lutron and Nest, now we are adding another layer, security.  Home security has certainly evolved and we can help you decide which system or devices are best for your needs. Your peace of mind starts here, feel free to open the chat box at the bottom right of this page for any assistance. We are  also licensed for security camera installations.

License #B23014601

What if :

The measure of it working was, you never have to think about it?

A completely new look and feel for home security from Nest.

Here at Simple AV of Austin we understand Home Security Systems are an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


There is certainly no shortage of home security options or the price points in each category. Whats the difference between a $100 security camera and a $5k camera system? Mostly your peace of mind.  Read about wired camera systems here. Most if not all of these solutions are offered and accepted on price. This becomes frustrating when an incident occurs and the video captured is poor. We are here to help you understand home security in the Austin area and how to become less vulnerable. Simple AV also helps you execute a plan if something should go wrong. Does your family have an evacuation plan? meet up location? A precise plan for elderly, disabled or even Pet responsibility? Do your neighbors know you well enough to identify friends visiting or a stranger lurking around? We can help you make sure your well protected and well prepared for any emergencies. 

Outdoor Flood Light Camera
Ring Floodlight Security Camera Austin T

Outdoor Flood Lighting

Security starts at the perimeter of  your property and deploying a simple motion light can startle and deter a would be robber. The flood light should be properly aimed, other wise your only glaring your neighbors from seeing an intruder. Obviously lights help your neighbors around your home see something suspicions. So our first suggestion is flood lights with motion sensors and get to know your neighbors well enough so they no who is friendly or foe before they call you. Simple AV offers Ring, Flood lights that also have a built in security camera or we can design a complete landscape lighting schedule with full feature security cameras. Both solutions have their unique benefits that we can help you understand better. Learn more about outdoor lighting.

Video Doorbell

Our next suggestion for simple home security is a video doorbell like a Ring Video Doorbell or the Nest Hello. We can also suggest a few other smart home systems like the Savant intercom system for a more streamlined experience or a hi-end security camera that integrated with your home automation platform and mobile phone. the goal is to let you know who is at your door and talk to them if need be, at all time from anywhere in the world. Amazon claimed a Los Angeles Police Department pilot program in 2015 had found that Ring' doorbells  had  reduced burglaries in neighborhoods “by as much as 55%.” ... “It taught us that Ring actually protects the homes around it, as much as it protects the home.” Some of these solutions offer a "neighborhood Watch" platform that enables you to see alerts your neighbors put out about suspicions activities.  Learn more about smart doorbells here.

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Security Cameras Austin
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Security Cameras

Not all cameras are created equal and there are cameras designed for each specific need. From a residential driveway camera with a wide angle lens to a commercial camera with pan - tilt - zoom that can really bring you in close with amazing detail. These types of cameras can zoom in on a license plate at over 650ft away. Any wired or wireless camera you invest in should be HD, we have all  seen the footage from the local gas station robbery on the news and it's disappointing at the very least. Yo will also want to decide if you want to be tied down to a monthly fee for video access or if you rather invest in a DVR that will hold your own surveillance footage. No need to be overwhelmed, we will make it simple and let you decide what's best. We have an entire page dedicated to security camera installations.

Contact Sensors

The home security solutions above will most likely deter a majority of armature break ins but what if we needed a little more peace of mind? If an intruder is not intimidated the next layer are contact sensors. Each and every window, door or other entry point of your home is outfitted with a contact sensors. When the door or window is open a signal is sent to your alarm panel alerting you and the authorities. These sensors can be wireless but we know wired sensors don't rely on batteries and are far superior to wireless. This is recommended when prewiring your Austin home. Wired sensors are also extremely tiny, not disruptive to your interior design or easily identified by strangers.

Contact Sensor Home Security System Austin Tx.gif
Motion Sensor For Security System Austin Tx.jpg

Motion Sensors

Advanced home security systems are designed with motion sensors. They also come in wireless / battery or hard wired. We always suggest wire for everything that can accept a hard wire, especially for security and networking. There are also different technologies on how motion sensors work. The most common type is an "active" motion sensor which uses ultrasonic technology; these motion sensors emit sound waves to detect the presence of objects (similar to bats). The second most widely used type of motion sensor is called "passive"  in home security systems. A PIR sensor is designed to detect the infrared radiation emitted naturally from a human body. Large pets can be an issue if these are not installed correctly.

Glass Break Sensor

Mostly used in commercial application, glass-break sensors are included in many high end homes. 

These sensors will detect if a pane of glass is shattered or broken. They are equipped with a tuned microphone, which monitors for frequencies typical of glass shattering, and react to those sounds above certain threshold. Glass break sensors are available in wired or wireless applications and can be applied to the window directly or placed in the room for multiple window coverage.

Glass Break Sensor Home Security Austin Tx.jpg
Home Security Monitoring Austin Tx.jpg


This is what really decides which type security system you decide on. When you choose to go with the big names like Google Nest, Ring, Arlo and others, each device will have an individual monthly fee. You will need to pay around $10 per month to monitor the video doorbell, and additional fees fee for each home security device. You can eliminate these fees by choosing a security system with a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder). The upfront cost is more but gives an entirely different experience with plenty more features. These systems are also monitored by a live operator who can deploy emergency services in case of a fire of burglary.

Smart Home Security Integration

Integrating your smart home or home automation system with your home security system drastically improves functionality and effectiveness. When an ordinary security system is compromised an external audible alarm sounds and a call is automatically placed to your monitoring station for assistance. Home automation takes these signals a few steps further by:

  • Turning on all lights inside your home

  • Flash all exterior lights to help police locate your  home.

  • Raise all shades so law enforcement can see in

  • Locks all keypads so the intruder can't manipulate the scene.

With a properly designed home security and home automation system you will only need one app for your mobile phone. Combining some of the security devices discussed above you may have to use three or four mobile apps. 

  1. Security System

  2. Security Cameras

  3. Automated lighting

  4. Video Doorbell

Home Security Control4 Dealer Austin Tx.


Smoke Detector

We have to admit, the Nest Protect smoke detector is one of the most exciting things to happen to smoke detectors in the last 40 years! It is not just a smoke detector, is a traffic cop as well. Your Nest detect has the ability to turn on all the lights in the house and alert your indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to record. It will then email you all of the information so yo can easily submit the event to your insurance company. We can also prewire your home for traditional smoke detectors that use Ionization and photoelectric technologies.

C/O Carbon Monoxide Detector

With a known name like "the silent killer" carbon monoxide is a serious threat but easily monitored.mwith technology. Because it is a odorless, tasteless, colorless it is undetectable to humans. The poison gas is a by product from the incomplete burning of gasoline, wood, coal, propane, natural gas or oil . Without proper ventilation, the gas will build up to deadly levels. Were you aware something as little as a chainsaw can emit enough fumes to make you sick?

Home Safety Specialist Austin Tx.jpg
Smart Home Security Sensor  Austin

Water Leak Detector

If you have ever experienced a pipe bursting or a washer machine fail, you understand the frustration of water damage. Most home owners are unaware of water leak detectors and how inexpensive they are. We suggest placing one in every bathroom, laundry room and areas that have water sources like a wet bar or slop sink. There are also automated shut-offs for the main water pipe coming into your home. The smart home security system receives a signal of a massive drop in pressure or a signal from one of your water leak detectors and turns off the water.

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