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Simple AV of Austin TX are your lighting design experts! Many home owners and business owners are not even aware of having a comprehensive lighting plan. Having a lighting consultant should not be overlooked and will assure your home or business has proper lighting in all spaces. A great lighting blueprint will not only indicate which fixtures are the best fit but also where your dimmers and switches will go. Adding sensors and timers also help you save money and time when it comes to illuminating your property. We have experience in commercial, residential, home theater and outdoor lighting design. You can learn all about our design services below. You can also learn about smart lighting here,  outdoor lighting and landscape lighting..


Colorbeam lights up another luxury property in Texas! Using the Bianca tunable white recessed fixture and RGBW tape light, Colorbeam delivers wellness and lifestyle lighting.



Do you have a retail store or restaurant that needs a lighting plan to welcome clients with beautiful lighting? Simple AV will make sure you have the perfect amount of light to have your merchandise looking its best or we can set the mood for your diners from the moment they walk in. Having the right lighting in all commercial spaces is a must for safety and creating the correct ambiance .


Having a professional lighting plan for your home is easily over looked and leaving it to chance can be extremely disappointing. Sometimes lighting is not bright enough, especially in the kitchen. We have also noticed some contractors over do it with fixtures wasting your money and making the ceiling seem awfully busy. If you have architectural plans you can send them to us for a free lighting design consult and be confident when the lights finally come on it will be perfect! We also offer on-site consultations if you do not have a blueprint.


Outdoor lighting has come a long way an there is no shortage of lighting fixture styles. Whether you are looking to paint your yard with amazing ambiance or need to light up your business to wow clients we can help. Landscape lighting is also important for you customers safety as well as your personal security. You can completely change the look of your store with Colorbeam lighting. You can change the color on the fly or for the season to keep it fresh and inviting. Colorbeam also has beautiful scene control for your backyard or the front of your home. 


Here at Simple AV of Austin we understand lighting and the pitfalls that come with not having a professional lighting plan. Feel free to call us or schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


Whether you are designing your new home of just updating, your indoor and outdoor lighting will dramatically improve the fit and function of your home. Trying to figure out which lighting fixture will give you the proper effect can be overwhelming. It is also important to consider the way you will use light every day. Low Voltage LED lighting options are also available as an energy-efficient solution, for both indoors and outdoor applications. To add more depth consider these important lighting specifications that you may have not known about and really make a huge difference in the way lighting is perceived and effects your space.




Human beings are programmed naturally to know when it is time to go to bed and when it is time to wake up.  This process is referred to  as our circadian rhythm. This rhythm is affected by light; both natural and. Unfortunately the more artificial light we consume the more our circadian rhythm is offset, making it harder to fall asleep and then of course to wake up. This also leads to low energy levels in the morning and If you live in a city the negative impact of artificial light increases tremendously. Studies have shown light pollution can result in forms of depression as well as brain, eye, and internal rhythm deterioration. But what if we can truly replicate sunlight and properly reset our biological clock daily with change to our health for the better?



Which mimics natural light and combats sleepless nights so many of us suffer from. This works by changing the lighting throughout the day, with three main principles that include intensity, color tuning and stimulus tuning. We can design and install a lighting system that implement scientifically all of these  benefits. In order to improve overall health, circadian lighting implemented in homes is a small change with huge benefits. There are already companies making the switch to better lighting, and better health. Not only are  lighting systems used in houses and homes, but in businesses and hospitals as well. With the known health benefits, many hospitals are utilizing circadian lighting for their patients. This improves patient sleep and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer it also improved mood among the patients, making their stay at the hospital a bit more positive, and able to recuperate faster.



These studies are all still pretty new but it is proven these lighting systems are extremely effective and will become more main stream going into the future. Simple AV is your local circadian rhythm lighting expert! We look forward to discussing this awesome technology and incorporating it in your lighting design to help you live happier and healthier.  

The photo above posted by the New York Times shows the difference in lighting overtime.

Simple AV Provides Lighting Design, Installation and Service In: 

Travis County:

Austin, Texas
Bee Cave, Texas
Cedar Park, Texas
Creedmoor, Texas
Elgin, Texas
Jonestown, Texas
Lago Vista, Texas

Lakeway, Texas
Leander, Texas
Manor, Texas
Mustang Ridge, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
Rollingwood, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Sunset Valley, Texas
West Lake Hills, Texas

Williamson County:

Bartlett, Texas
Cedar Park, Texas
Coupland, Texas
Florence, Texas
Georgetown, Texas
Granger, Texas
Hutto, Texas

Jarrell, Texas
Leander, Texas
Liberty Hill, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Taylor, Texas
Thorndale, Texas
Thrall, Texas
Weir, Texas

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