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We offer the ultimate Home Theater experience in Austin, here is why you may want to consider one.

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A home theater system can create a truly immersive experience in your home, making you feel like you are right in the middle of the action on the big screen. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster film or cheer on your favorite team, a home theater system can give you an unforgettable experience.

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To create a truly immersive experience, you need more than just a television. A complete home theater system includes a large screen, powerful audio system with multiple speakers, a Blu-ray or DVD player, and comfortable seating. You can also add extras like a popcorn machine or even a wet bar to make your home theater complete. Most importantly is the room, a dedicated space is what truly makes a home theater. This is because you are eliminating all other distractions outside the room. Have you ever been engrossed in a show and all of sudden the the stream goes down and you are completely dismayed? When you go to a movie theater, you are able to get lost in a story because:

  1. It's a date: You have set a time and date to "Escape and watch a movie". This may not seem like a big deal but in todays world and everyone being saturated with info, how often do you really put your phone away and escape for a few hours? With family or friends?

  2. Building Anticipation: The local cinema is designed to give you the best experience. When you enter there are usually red-velvet ropes and movie posters to look at as you wind through the foyer. This builds anticipation, just like Disney or any other amusement park does.

  3. Fun Snacks: The concession stand: is always filled with sweets and popcorn, yes they are usually overpriced but it is always worth adding to the excitement. We have plenty of options to help you offer a similar experience with old fashion popcorn machines, candy counters or may be a wine fridge?

  4. The Seating: Comfortable reclining seats that are tiered and offset to the row in front of it. This helps everyone get a good view. We practice this same design, whether you choose traditional home theater seats or a comfy couch the whole family can gather on, we will make sure there is plenty of room and a riser for the 2nd, 3rd and any other rows beyond that.

  5. Projection Screen: The massive screen that takes up the entire front of the theater, even if you tried it would be impossible not to be immersed in what plays out on the "silver screen". You can learn everything about projectors here.

  6. Surround Sound: A calibrated sound system that lets you hear every detail, coming from a specific direction. This helps put you right in the middle of the story, and keeps you there!

  7. No Distractions: The room itself, dark with no distractions, once a cell phone rings or a baby cries your are taken out of the experience! Almost similar to be woken from a great dream and trying to get yourself back into the moment. This is why right before the movie they play all those mini-clips of "theater etiquette".

All of the components above are what makes going to the movies so exciting, well, except the crying baby, cell phones ringing and other distractions which you have complete control of in your own home theater. We can not stress enough that distractions are the enemy to you getting lost in a story. We can give you the most amazing audio & video components but placing them in your living room with big windows, possible traffic passing by, pots & pans clanging in the kitchen and other everyday noises will continuously diminish the experience.

The first step in having your very own dedicated home theater room is to decide what type of experience you want to create. Are you looking for a casual setup that you can use for family movie night, or do you want to recreate the feeling of being at the movies? We can even replicate your favorite old time movie theater! Once you have a good idea we can start discussing the overall design. Theo Kalomirakis "the father of home theater" refers to the theater as "the wrapping", it sets the mood on what's to come. Many clients know exactly what they want, it may be a favorite sports team or musician theme, the possibilities are truly endless.

Next your going to need a budget, like any home projects it is easy for the expenses to spiral out of control. Many people ask how much does a private home cinema cost? It really doesn't cost any more than any other room remodel. How much does it cost to remodel your kitchen? there is also something to be said for the amount of entertainment and how this will be the most popular room in your home! Simple AV has the experience to make sure we stick within your budget wile exceeding your expectations. You also want to make sure everything has an equal investment. Meaning you do not want to spend 50% of your budget on a projector and screen, leaving you with a subpar audio and design experience. The audio, video and design should be of equal spending. We can help you make the best of your budget!

Now that you have a design in mind and a budget we can start to quote the theater. This will of course include the design, projector, screen, surround sound and seating. We will also need a cable box and / or DVD player, AV receiver, surge protector, HDMI cables, speaker wire and other gear.

Why consider Simple AV for your Austin home theater design and installation? Simple AV is associated with the biggest name in Home Cinema, Theo Kalomirakis. If you have never heard of Theo or seen his work, any quick google search will help you understand the magnitude of influence he has had on the entire industry. With his company we also have access to Steve Haas of SH acoustics, a world renowned acoustician and Maria Deschamps the head of interior design at TKG. IF you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and entertainment you can see we have the credentials to make your dream theater come true. If your looking for something a little more modest we have an experienced in house team that will take care of it all.

Still wondering why you would consider a home theater? It will provide an an amazing immersive movie experience, with large screen and surround sound. It can also be used to watch TV shows, sports events, and play video games. A home theater can add value to your home, and provide a great space for entertaining family and friends. Here are some more reasons why you need a home theater:

-You can control the environment: With a home theater, you can control the lighting, temperature, and sound level to create the perfect viewing experience. We will make it all easy with either a Control4 or Savant system that includes smart lighting by Lutron.

-You can enjoy movies and shows in privacy: A home theater allows you to watch whatever you want without having to worry about disturbing others.

-You can save money: Going to the movies can be expensive, but with a home theater, you can watch as often as you want without spending any extra money.

-You can have friends over: A home theater is the perfect place to host a movie night or game night with friends.

-You'll get a better viewing experience: With a home theater,

After learning about all the benefits that come with having a home theater, it's hard to imagine why anyone would go without one. A home theater provides the perfect space for watching movies, TV shows, and playing video games. It also offers many other benefits, such as the ability to control the environment and save money. If you're looking for a way to improve your viewing experience, then a home theater is the perfect solution. So what are you waiting for?


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